Monday, September 29, 2008

Green Bag Experiment Day Three

It's day three in the great green bag experiment. As you can see from the picture, all the bananas are showing signs of age. They're certainly all still edible and none of them are too gross to eat. I suspect that the one refrigerated in a green bag (C) might still be the firmest inside but the outside isn't remarkably different from the others.

On a different subject, I've been checking around for deals on Halloween candy. A lot of the Sunday newspaper inserts contained coupons for $1 off on two bags of candy. Most of the drugstores (CVS, RiteAid) appear to be offering two bags for $4, so if you hit them with the coupon, two bags for $3 is still a decent, if not stellar, deal. Ya'll let me know if you run across anything better that doesn't require swimming the English Channel or suffering through masses of junk email.


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