Monday, September 22, 2008

One Touch

Well, you knew I didn't love everything, right? Here's an item I want to love. I adore the concept of the One Touch battery-operated can opener. No ugly can opener cluttering the counter. Sleek, easy to hold, easy to clean, fits into a drawer. Unfortunately, I've had no luck with them. Of the two I've owned, I just never could get one of them to work. The other one operated for about nine months and then gave up the ghost. When it worked, it did so grudgingly, almost as though the cans were too thick to open. Seems unlikely that my cans would be more difficult than most, though. I tried different types of batteries, including heavy duty, but that didn't seem to make much difference. I'm hoping someone will post a better experience with the One Touch because the idea is great.

One cupcake for a terrific concept.


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