Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Penzey's Spices

One of the first links I posted on the side on this blog was to Pensey's Spices. If you love to cook or eat, even if you're not a dedicated cook but one who likes to putz around in the kitchen, try the fresh and potent spices from Pensey's.

Grocery store spices are okay in a pinch but the difference is noticeable. For a few years, I stuck to the basics, oregano, pepper, thyme, but then I branched out and tried a few of their blends. I'm devoted to their Fajita Seasoning, even though I rarely make Fajitas. It kicks up a salad, and puts a fresh spin on standard chicken recipes. And I confess that I'm a slave to the Northwoods Seasoning. I used it throughout the summer to marinate meat for the grill. It's perfect for pork, even just sprinkled on before chops go into a pan.

The Dutch Process Cocoa is another favorite worth trying. The depth of flavor is fabulous. I don't bake with anything else. It also makes a yummy chocolate pudding.

Five Cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

Aha, another Penzey's fan! I've been receiving their catalogs for years, but recently, thanks to my Glassblowing series set in the Southwest, I've been ordering dried chiles in bulk (none of this silly little 2-oz. container of powdered stuff, nope). I love the detailed and very literate explanations Penzey's includes for each and every product. And there's even a store in Massachusetts, although it's not anywhere near as much fun as the catalog.

Krista said...

I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to Pensey's -- I want everything! I'm almost afraid to go into one of their stores. Any other Penzey fans out there?


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