Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This isn't a diva kind of thing but a lot of my writer friends order material from VistaPrint. If you're not a writer, you might want to check them out anyway since they're a reasonably priced source of promotional items. You can easily download your own picture or logo. They'll even come up with a logo for you -- for free. If you need help, their staff is quite knowledgeable and can work magic while you're on the line so you can check what they've done. Super for sport teams, office teams, family reunions, and kid's parties. The T-shirts are Anvil brand and seem to be fairly good quality.

Once you order from VistaPrint, you'll receive constant notices of sales. When you see one offering a deal on the item you need, use that email to click into the system. If you've tossed them all or don't have one, look for a site that takes you into VistaPrint with savings on the item you want. You'll find them by the dozen if you google "VistaPrint coupon code" (no quotes). My favorite is RetailMeNot.com. You'll also find coupon codes to use when you check out. The current ones are "summer" and "save50". (Don't use the quotes.) I've tried both. Their system is set up so that it only takes one coupon code but it allows you to try them out to see which one saves the most. I've added a little box on the side of this blog that I'll try to keep updated with the latest coupon codes since so many of us use VistaPrint regularly.

If you opt for their slowest shipping, it does take a little longer. In my experience, that means about two weeks. The shipping is actually fast (DHL) so they must send those orders to the back of the line to be printed.

They *always* have free items available. Usually only one or a handful of something as a teaser to get you to order more. And be careful, even though the item might be free, a different color, high gloss or using your own picture or logo might incur a fee. Still, they're a very good source and overall, I've been pleased with my purchases.


Lorna Barrett said...

Hi, Krista, thanks for the tips. I opted for s-l-o-w on my last order of 100 postcards (for a local signing) and it said it would take 21 days. That's fine, the signing isn't until November. Imagine my shock/surprise when they arrived five days after orders.


Krista said...

Thanks, Lorna! I haven't been that lucky but I haven't had to wait the full 21 days, either.


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