Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aqua Globes

You've seen them on TV and now they're available in stores. Aqua Globes are everywhere. As you can see in photo, they're a good size. The idea is simple. You fill them with water and stick them in a plant. Presumably, they dispense as much water as the plant needs, taking the guess work of of indoor gardening for those prone to killing plants.

The stake portion is fairly long, so they probably wouldn't hold tight in small plants. I'm trying them out in a Christmas cactus and a gernaium I brought in for the winter. Do they work? I'll let you know, stay tuned.

They are pretty, though.


Lorna Barrett said...

Hey, I've thought about buying one or more of these. I'm eager to see what your experience is. What's the price like?

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