Thursday, October 16, 2008

bionaturae pasta

I try to eat organic foods. This isn't my forum for that soapbox, so I'll just say that some foods that are supposed to be healthy for us aren't as delicious as they could be. However, I've found an organic pasta that makes me drool. bionaturae is made in Italy. The company has been around for quite awhile because I was familiar with their fruit juices ages ago. Their 100% durum semolina pasta is absolutely delicious. It contains no other ingredients and is certified organic. It comes in various shapes but the spaghetti and capellini (angel hair) are staples in my kitchen. Few things are faster than a salad and pasta with garlic and shrimp in olive oil. Comfort food for a cold night. I've tried the bionaturae whole wheat pasta and while it's okay, it's still a little hardy. If you're into whole wheat pastas, you might like it. But the bionaturae durum semolina, yum, pass the garlic bread!

Five cupcakes!


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