Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, I have to confess that the PediPaws didn't go over very well last night. My dogs and cat sniffed it while it was turned off. They were a little wary of it when introduced to it again with the motor running, even though the motor is remarkably quiet. Everyone ate a treat while the PediPaws was inches from their little noses. But when I tried it on my most willing victims, uh oh. Gretel let me touch it to her claw but, unlike the dogs in the advertisement, she acted like I'd been mean, took off and watched me warily for a few minutes to make sure I didn't try that again. My little Jack Russell was so distressed that I'm not sure she won't run from the room if she ever sees it again. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, though, so you'll know I'm not just a cruel, PediPaw-wielding dog Mom, I thought I'd share a dog treat that my dogs adore. They drool at the sight of a box of Dogsters. Supposedly healthy treats, the main ingredients are cheese, whey and peanuts, so maybe they're not too bad. They come in little plastic containers, four to a box. My dogs take their doggy ice cream cups and retreat to dog beds to enjoy them. I like them because it occupies them for a few minutes. My big dogs crunch through most treats in seconds, even the ones that promise otherwise. But all four of my dogs are content to calmly lick their Dogsters until the little cups are clean. Dogsters has a cute website at but there's not much there yet. Made by CoolBrands International and available in the ice cream section of grocery stores.

Five peanut-flavored cupcakes from Krista's dogs!


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