Friday, October 17, 2008

FURminator vs. Shed Ender

Vickie and Lorraine's posts sent me looking for
a flea comb and I found I had a FURminator, too. In the photo to the right, they're lined up left to right -- Shed Ender, FURminator (upside down so the teeth are visible), flea comb.

When I compared them on my short-haired cat, all three removed fur but the FURminator seemed to grab a little bit more than the others. He tolerated all of them well. On my short-haired Jack Russell, again all three worked, but the flea comb and FURminator appeared to grab a bit more fur. However, when I groomed my heavily shedding long-haired Golden Retriever, there was no contest. The flea comb won, hands down. It pulled more of the shedding undercoat out. I have to say, though, that the flea comb moved through the fur with more difficulty, probably because it was grabbing more fur. Since it's small, it's not quite as comfortable to handle. Even though it tugged a bit, my dog tolerated it quite well.

Since the three combs are very similar in concept, I have to wonder if it could be the length of the teeth that make a difference. The teeth of the Shed Ender and the FURminator are nearly identical. I was actually surprised to realize how much alike they are. They're quite short, coming in at about one-eighth of an inch. The flea comb teeth are considerably longer at almost half an inch.

It's worth noting that the FURminator is easiest and most comfortable to use. While the Shed Ender requires a slightly unnatural side hold, the handle of the FURminator is strategically placed so that it is an easy and natural motion.

If you need to get down into long fur, it would appear that longer teeth make a difference. For short fur, there's not much difference between the FURminator and the Shed Ender, but I'm under the impression that the FURminator might have a slight edge due to placement of the handle perpendicular to the blade, so that it pulls through the fur easier and allows for a bit more pressure.

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