Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Loved Dog Treats

At the risk of boring those of you who don't love dogs, I'm posting one more dog-related item before I move on. My dogs are treat monsters. A good thing since treats are very handy training rewards. I found this new treat in the pet food aisle at my local Kroger. They set up a mini-refrigerator at the end of the aisle for refrigerated dog food and this bag of treats was in it. They're called The Loved Dog Treats by Tamar Geller. The first thing I looked for was the reassuring "made in the USA" label. The ingredients are simple: chicken; ground oats; chicken broth; salt; and natural flavors. Tamar, a dog expert, even adds a training tip on the back of each bag.

The big test came when my dogs tried them. They loved them as much as they love fresh chicken. And I have to say, they smell like real chicken. They do have to be refrigerated, so they might not be the best choice for a long walk but all four of my dogs give them five cupcakes. By Freshpet.

Five cupcakes. Dog approved!

Coming soon -- Aqua Globes, Mighty Putty, meat thermometers and the best vegetable peeler.


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