Friday, October 10, 2008


It's hard to think about the holidays already but our neighbors to the north are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, so that's a clue that we won't be too far behind. No, you don't have to start cooking yet, but remember how Uncle Al dropped a plate last year? Now you're short a dinner plate. You prowled through antique stores and yard sales all summer hoping you would find one that matches your grandmother's china but no such luck.

The first place I go when looking for china and crystal that isn't in stores (and sometimes that is in stores ) is Ebay. Just type in the brand and see what comes up. You can save your search in Ebay by clicking on "save this search" and that will take you to a page that prompts Ebay to send you an email whenever your item is listed for sale. I use it all the time so I don't have to keep checking back.

Ebay is hit and miss, though. is a better bet. Our North Carolina readers have been to their famous yard sale. Replacements collects discontinued china, crystal and silver (also sells non-discontinued items) and sells it. I've also seen items that were exclusive to a particular retailer that I thought I'd never find again. So, if you can't find one dinner plate in Grandma's pattern, head for Replacements.


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