Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RW Knudsen Spritzer

When I'm out and about, I often end up staring at the labels on natural sodas. Sometimes, they're very scary. Especially the calorie count. Look at them carefully to be sure that 120 calories is per can, not per serving, which usually means it's really 240 calories.

I recently ran across RW Knudsen's Spritzer Light Lemonade. Knudsen makes great fruit juices. (I'll be trying their new Acai Berry juice and reporting on it soon.) The great news is that their lemonade contains 60 calories per can and only 15 carbs. And it hits the spot. Lightly flavored, it's very pleasant with a clean taste. The sparkling part makes it nicely refreshing, too. Plus, there's the added benefit of no preservatives, colors, or artificial sweeteners. And at 60 calories, no guilt.

Four cupcakes. A refreshing treat.


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