Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shed Ender

The folks at PediPaws threw a Shed Ender in the box as a freebee. I noticed them at a box store selling for $9.99. It comes with a sheath over the comb blade, which makes me think it's supposed to be sharp. Basically, it's a comb with short, tightly-spaced teeth. I tried it on my menagerie. My short-haired cat liked it and I have to say I got the best results on him. It really did seem to remove very soft undercoat. Not much, but a few swipes did result in fuzz on the blade. My Jack Russell, also short-haired, liked it a lot, too, but then she loves to be brushed and combed. Oddly enough, it removed little fur from her. My Golden Retriever and one of my mixed breeds are shedding -- big time. I thought it would grab the undercoat that needs to come out. Nope. A little soft fuzz. I would have done better on them with a plain old people comb.

Two and a half cupcakes. It works, but so does a 49 cent plastic comb. If you've tried this, please post and let us know how it worked for you.


Vickie said...

We tried the shed ender and it didn't work that well on our Labs and cats. However, I recommend the Furrminator- That is the most amazing furbaby brush!!!

Krista said...

Vickie, I'm so glad to hear about your experience. Interesting that the Shed Ender didn't work well for you, either. The Furrminator, huh? I'll have to try it!


Lorna Barrett said...

It looks like a flea comb.

Krista said...

Lorna, it's very much like a flea comb. I've used them a lot and they work very well. However, a flea comb has longer teeth so that it can get down into the fur and the Shed Ender has short teeth. In fact, I believe I'll blog about the difference tomorrow. Thanks!

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