Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thermapen Thermometer

Sometimes it makes sense to buy an inexpensive kitchen gadget -- and sometimes it doesn't. I went through three inexpensive thermometers in less than two years. It seemed like they worked about three times and then died. You know the kind, there's a wire that snakes into the roast in the oven and an alarm on the counter that alerts you when the meat is done. Great idea when they work.

Tired of killing thermometers, I finally bought a clever remote sensor, made for barbecues. Not outrageously expensive, but a step up. No one has yet been able to make that thing work. It makes sounds and a light flashes but in spite of our efforts and attention to the instructions, it never did work. (not shown in photo)

I finally opted for the king of thermometers. Made in Utah by Thermoworks, the Thermapen instantly reads the temperature of any food. That means you no longer need a separate thermometer for candy or other foods. I've noticed that my favorite cooking magazine often specifies temperatures now, not just for roasts but in all kinds of recipes. The Thermapen gives an instant picture. In red in the photo above, the steel portion goes into the food and the temp appears on the readout. Then the metal folds back into it. Very handy.

The drawback is that there's no timer. If you're like me and liable to be distracted by guests and the other dishes cooking, it's best to set a timer as a reminder to check the temperature of the turkey. But then you have the scoop instantly. And, so far, it hasn't given up the ghost like my cheaper purchases did. It's expensive at $89.00, but I spent nearly that much replacing the cheap ones.

Four cupcakes!


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