Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vegetable Peelers

The other day I saw a well known TV chef mangling vegetables on her show. She seemed awkward but I knew the truth, she didn't have the right vegetable peeler. Take my trusty Kuhn Rikon away from me and I mangle vegetables, too. As you can see in the photo above, I have acquired a number of peelers over the years. The second from the left is supposed to be ergonomically correct. It's heavier than the others, well constructed and has soft spots where it's gripped, which does make it nice to hold. But in spite of their efforts, there's still something awkward about peeling with the blade to the side. The peeler on the right has the correct idea, but that handle shape and length doesn't quite do the trick. With the Kuhn Rikon (the blue one on the far left), I become a peeling dynamo. I peel a lot of carrots and it's quick work with the right vegetable peeler.

Last weekend I made lasagna and needed thin slices of mozzarella. The Kuhn Rikon peeler happened to be handy, and, as you can see from the pile of cheese, worked like a charm. These cute little peelers sell for a suggested retail price of $3.50. They would make adorable stocking stuffers for your favorite cooks and wouldn't break the bank. They're available at various sites on the web, but check with your local cooking store first, since the cost of shipping would probably be more than the price of the peeler.

Five cupcakes for the cute, little Kuhn Rikon peeler!


Lorna Barrett said...

I've got a really expensive peeler, but it's absolutely no good for potatoes--nothing to gouge out the eyes. I've found the cheapie I bought in 1979 to still be the best--and I've picked up a couple more at garage sales (in case my original is in the dishwasher). I have a cheese slicer for cheese--but I hardly ever use it. (I'm not a big cheese eater--and only make lasagna about once every 5-10 years.)

Krista said...

Lasagna is so good but it takes a lot of time to make. Always seems like it should be quick -- but it isn't. I think you're right, Lorraine, that vegetable peelers fall into the category of simple is better. Some of the new-fangled ones have nice features but all we really need is a simple one that works well.

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