Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Battery Operated Window Candles

There are few things that add holiday ambiance as quickly and easily as candles in windows. This is a no muss, no fuss holiday decoration that anyone can accomplish in a snap. Do yourself a favor and buy battery-operated candles. No cords to worry about. No running through the house to turn them on and off. The one shown is my favorite. They operate on C batteries and have an automatic light sensor that turns them on when it's dark and off when it's daylight. They can be turned off manually if you prefer and you can set them for regular "on" or for flicker.

They're available through a lot of catalogs (like Plow and Hearth -- www.plowhearth.com and www.HerringtonCatalog.com) for about $12.95. You might find a deal if you shop around, though.

I found them for $8.79 at

Later this week, a less expensive alternative.

Five cupcakes. Nothing could be easier for the amount of cozy holiday glow they provide.


Lorna Barrett said...

How often do you have to change the batteries?

Krista said...

Lorna, they should last about 45 days. I like to jump the season a little bit and usually have them in the windows by Thanksgiving so they'll look warm and inviting when the Thanksgiving guests leave. And I leave them up through New Year's Eve. I usually count on changing the batteries once during that time but often don't need to.


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