Monday, November 24, 2008

Candle Warmers

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I love candles and am terrified of fire. (My mother put the fear of fire in me after my little brother set the house on fire--twice.) Consequently, I’ve rarely lit a candle in my house. Still, I love the smell of scented candles.

What to do?

I bought a candle warmer from a Michaels craft store. (Originally they were marketed as warmers for coffee mugs.) It’s great for jar candles. You never have to light the wick. No flames to set your house (or a cat’s tail) on fire. The candles last for a long-long time because they aren’t burning, they melt very slowly.

Another bonus? I’ve wondered what to do with all those candles I’ve received as gifts that were made in foreign countries. Do they have lead wicks? You don’t have to worry about that with a candle warmer. In fact, if you’re worried--the candle will melt enough that you can yank the wick right out. (But be careful--it’ll be hot!)

When it’s cold outside, I can breathe in the wonderful aroma of lemon icebox cookies or butterscotch toffee and feel just fine, knowing my house (and kitties) are safe.

Five cupcakes!

Thanks, Krista, for letting me post.


Peg said...

This is a great idea! I've seen those and wondered if they worked. I always worry when using candles, and this makes them far more user friendly!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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