Friday, November 28, 2008


Lonnie Cruse kicks off our month of gift ideas today. Author of the Metropolis Mystery series, Lonnie's latest mystery is Fifty-Seven Heaven. Read more about Lonnie's books at

What gifts would I suggest for a diva? Well, let's back up a little. I AM a diva. But those who don't understand us divas used to make fun of me because I carried a sweater everywhere I went, even in July. Okay, I was born in the hot Nevada dessert, moved to a much cooler climate, and never got over it. Deal with it. And most restaurants crank up the air conditioning, even in the dead of winter, because of the heat in the kitchen. Duh.

Anyhow, several years ago many stores began carrying knitted capes. Wonderful inventions. This gorgeous red number came from the Burlington Factory outlet store in Evansville, IN, courtesy of one of my daughters-in-law. Gotta love her. Think the price was about $15 or so. Most J. C. Penny stores carry similar capes, at a slightly higher price but well worth it. And I spotted a couple at WalMart recently, in the purse/belt section.

I have several of these capes in different colors. I can fold one up and tuck it in a tote bag for a trip, lay it on my lap like a blankie, or toss it over my shoulders and pretend like I'm still up on the latest fashion trend. So, a cape would be my best suggestion for a true diva. Particularly since most of my diva friends are, um, of a certain age when life is suddenly much colder.

But the truly best gift for a diva friend is the gift of one's self. Providing a shoulder to cry on or sympathy when needed. Laughing with, crying with, emphathizing with, shopping with, sipping tea with. Does it get any better than that? I think not. So, have you hugged your diva today?

And if anyone is looking to buy a gift for me, anything with chocolate is sure to win my deepest gratitude.

Lonnie Cruse


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