Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Less Expensive Window Candle

If you're like me and you'd like candles in more than a couple of windows, then the cost adds up very fast. I found this alternative at Target for just under $5.00. The base is platinum colored and the main difference between this candle and the one I blogged about yesterday is strength. It takes two AA batteries and the flame simply isn't quite as strong. But it's still perfectly adequate. It doesn't have a steady on mode, either, only off and flicker. But just like the more expensive version, it contains a light sensor and turns itself on and off, which is the best news for busy people during the holidays. Probably because the glow is a little bit less bright, I do usually replace the batteries at least once during the holiday season. But don't be fooled -- these look great in the window and add that festive, warm glow just like the others.

My windows have a very narrow sill, something I have to consider with bulkier candles. Not a problem with either of these models. Their slender bases fit the windows nicely. I love that there's no cord or fire worry. They work
just as nicely in arrangements and places that are hard to reach. I like to add one to the wreath over my mantel. Even if I don't turn on the electric lights on the wreath, the atmospheric glow of the candle kicks on and I don't have to give it any thought.

Four cupcakes. Better price but marginally less glow.


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