Thursday, November 20, 2008

Light Pole

Who would have ever thought a pole could be so practical? My former sister-in-law says you can never have too many Christmas lights and I'm afraid I agree. For years I used makeshift tools like rakes and pear-picking gadgets to hang lights in trees. But now it's a snap. The package calls this a No Ladder 11 Foot Light Hanging Kit. I bought it last year for $16.97 at Home Depot. I've seen similar items on sale this year, most recently at Target, but the price was closer to $20.00

The pole inside extends to eleven feet. It comes with clips that screw onto the end and can be hooked onto gutters or roof shingles while standing safely on the ground. There's a little spot for the light strand that goes up as you move along. They clip onto gutters easily, though I find getting the clips off the gutters a little harder. And a word to the wise -- while the tiny lights seem fairly sturdy, be very careful when hanging the large old-fashioned lights. If they swing and hit brick or rock, they shatter.

But the best part is another tool that screws onto the end. It contains a variety of prongs to hold lights. No more hauling a heavy ladder to the front porch to decorate. I just grab my handy dandy light pole and the job is accomplished easily in no time.

I didn't expect to use the pole year round, but I do. When it's not extended, it's about four feet tall and slender enough to easily tuck away in a closet. I use it to hang almost anything in trees that might have required a ladder. I even use it inside the house to hang and move items that are high. And last summer, when my dog alerted me to a visiting snake on the porch, I ran for my light pole, extended it to eleven feet, cracked the door and was able to touch the snake's tail with the end of the pole, thus hastening its departure in the correct direction.

Who'd have thought it would have so many uses?

Five cupcakes!


Lorna Barrett said...

We use "Mr. Stick" and "Mr. Stick Jr." Just pieces of 1 x 2" wood with a notch in the end. Works great, and we made them from wood we had hanging around.

We used them last week to put up my folks' Christmas lights. (I also cleaned their gutters--two jobs done on one day.) I wish we'd put up our lights on the same (60 degree) day. It looks like winter has arrived and is determined to stay.

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