Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Mice Cube

Now that the temperatures are dropping, our friendly little mouse friends are seeking shelter in our houses again. As much as I like mice, I'd rather they lived outdoors. In my opinion, the best mouse insurance is still a cat. Rescue a cat and live mouse-free!

But second best (though you could still rescue a cat) is this nifty, kinder mouse trap my mom discovered. Cleverly called the Mice Cube, it's humane, doesn't kill the mouse, doesn't involve poison and is safe around pets and children.

It's the kind of device that's so simple you wonder why you didn't think of it. A simple rectangular box of plastic, it has a hinged door on one end that's too big to swing any direction but in. Told you it was simple. And it works! A little cheese, or a piece of cracker with (yum) a glob of peanut butter on it lures the mouse inside and then he can't leave. One caveat, if you don't check the trap regularly, the mouse will die inside. But he doesn't have to. You simply check the trap, take it outside and release the little guy by turning it upside down so the door swings open. You never touch the mouse. The trap is reusable, washable and so easy to use.

Five cupcakes for a humane mousetrap that works!


Lorna Barrett said...

We live behind a farm. We've have mice several times in the past 15 years. We've learned that cats don't come with the natural ability to kill mice. At one point, we had five cats. They were USELESS. Cats 0, Mousetrap 11.

I can't deal big large bugs, let alone a mouse. It's worth getting married for--just to have someone around who can deal with this kind of problem.

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