Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SuperSwitch Wall Outlet Remote Control

The last couple of years I've managed to arrange decorations so that turning lights on and off is precarious. This little Christmas house on a mantel is a great example. I can hide the cord and the ginormous plug under faux snow but turning it on and off is not only a chore, it practically requires dismantling the display to reach it. So I was thrilled to find the SuperSwitch. This nifty gadget allows you to use a remote to control anything plugged into an electrical outlet.

It comes with one remote control that works up
to four outlets. That means no more crawling behind the tree to plug it in. No more groping for hard-to-reach switches. Just stand in the room and click. And a nice bonus -- no more timers draining juice all day and night.

Now that I have it, I see loads of possibilities. The light on the nightstand that's just a hair too far away -- not anymore. Turn it off with a click. It would be an ideal gift for friends and family with limited mobility. I have a feeling I'm going to find a lot of uses for this, even after the holidays.

Available through various catalogs but the best price I have found is at QVC, where they're selling the remote and four outlet controls for $25.00 plus shipping. QVC.com, item V24866

Five Cupcakes. Very practical.


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