Monday, December 8, 2008

Cashmere Socks

Kate Flora is the author of eleven books. Her latest are Stalking Death, her seventh Thea Kozak mystery and The Angel of Knowlton Park, her second Joe Burgess police procedural. Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine, co-written with a career police officer, was a 2007 Edgar nominee. The story was filmed for Court TV and Psychic Investigators. She is currently researching a new true crime and plotting a light-hearted series. Flora's stories have appeared in the Level Best anthologies, in Sisters on The Case, an anthology edited by Sara Paretsky, and in Per Se, an anthology of fiction. Flora teaches writing for Grub Street in Boston.

Divas may try to believe that they've above mundane things like winter and cold. Perhaps many divas are fortunate enough to winter in LA or Palm Springs or Palm Beach, flexing their bare toes and admiring their polish. But if work, or family, or some other dreary obligation forces a diva to spend the colder months in crueler climes, you might consider gifting her with cashmere socks.

My husband and sons recoiled when they asked me what I wanted for Christmas a few years ago and I said, without a second's hesitation, SOCKS. I expect they thought I was being practical. I'm only a diva novice and do exhibit those tendencies. But not this time. What I meant was cashmere socks, than which there can be no finer gift. Forget diamonds, which you have to
worry about losing or having stolen. Forget that luscious mink, which always runs the risk of being splattered with paint or subjects its owner to catcalls from the PETA crowd. No animal died in the making of cashmere socks and they are utterly decadent, luscious, pleasing and warm.

From the first moment you slip on a pair, their cloud-lightness and pillow softness affirm that they are diva socks. And that first pleasing sensation will be reinforced as long as she wear them. They're thin and fine, so you can wear them under boots. They're twice as warm as wool, so your diva can venture out on snowy city sidewalks, chic in tall black boots, and not suffer chilly toes. And they're washable and durable, so the gift will last a long time and give your own special diva multiple occasions to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

So yes, cashmere socks, or even a nice cashmere blend. And you can get them at snarky stores like Ralph Lauren, or at J.Crew.

I buy mine at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx and they're still name brand, still wonderfully warm and soft, and they're affordable. But as we know, divas like drama and divas like presentation. So if you've got a diva you want to seriously impress, here are the trimmings. Go to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store. Buy a basket for 99 cents. Get a can of gold or silver spray paint for a few bucks. Spiff up the basket. Line the basket with a gorgeous Thai silk tie-dyed or batik scarf--less than ten bucks on e-bay. Then add the cashmere socks, some divine lavender salt scrub from Trader Joes, a cute wooden file to scrub away calluses, and some lavender scented lotion. For less than thirty bucks, you've got a Red Carpet giveaway basket fine enough for the most discriminating diva. And loads of brownie points.


Lorna Barrett said...

Who knew socks could be so dedacent? I want a pair. No wait, I want at least eight pairs. Why should I have cold feet for even a day during the winter while the other seven are in the wash? (You don't have to hand wash them, do you?)

Leann Sweeney said...

I love socks, but in Houston's climate, I do not often have the chance to wear them. But I have a drawer full anyway. But no cashmere. Maybe I should offer out that suggestion even if I only get a chance to wear them once a year. Sigh.

Jeanne said...

I asked for socks but didn't know enough to specify cashmere. Of course, I only get to wear socks once, since my daughters know where my sock drawer is, and they know it's not padlocked. Sigh

Old Fogey said...

Jeanne...I had the opposite plight. My mother used to covet my clothes, so I'd given them to her. Having sons means my sock drawer is safe. you never travel north? Are there never cold snaps? I don't wear shoes in the house, so these socks are a heavenly benefit every day.

And Lorna--I just LOVE the idea that we divas need 8 pair. And no, if something needs to be handwashed, it goes into a dark corner where it languishes, often for years.

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