Thursday, December 11, 2008

Priester's Pecan Pie

Marilyn Levinson is the acclaimed author of popular childrens' books. No Boys Allowed, And Don't Bring Jeremy, and Rufus and Magic Run Amok have delighted children and adults alike.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, we divas are busy baking cookies and candies to send to those we love. But when a diva's bogged down with deadlines and other mundane chores, she has the wisdom to resort to her true-and-tried list of food specialty companies on which she can depend. My favorite is Priester's Pecans.

Some years ago, while my husband and I were on a cruise, we met a nice couple from Alabama. My husband proceeded to tell them how, when he was in Alabama for his Air Force basic training, he'd discovered pecan pie, and he'd eat it morning, noon, and night. The nice couple exchanged glances and smiled. A few months later, we received a package from them -- two pecan pies from Priester's Pecans. They were athe best pecan pies we'd even tasted, and we finished them both off in a matter of days.

I can't think of a nicer holiday gift than a Priester's Pecan Pie @$23.99, unless it's a chocolate pecan pie, for the same price. Of course, you might want to send those very special people in your lives two pies @ $39.99 plus shipping. They've lots of other delicious items: cakes, nuts, chocolates, candies. And remember, pecans are seasonal, so these goodies are available only a few months of the year.

You can call Priester's Pecans at 1-800-277-3226 or order online at:


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