Thursday, December 4, 2008

Radio-Controlled Clock

Every year, right about this time, I move my radio-controlled clock for Christmas decorations and am completely astounded by how much I rely on it. I received it as a gift several years ago and I can honestly say I use it daily. Many, many times every day. These clocks are automatically set by a radio wave. They run on a simple AA battery, which lasts about a year, but the beauty is that they always have the correct time and never have to be reset.

Have a family member who is inclined to set the clock ahead? Do you hate resetting the clocks when the electricity goes out? You never have to set a radio-controlled clock. When you put in the battery, you select your time zone and the rest happens like magic. By the next morning, the clock shows the correct time. Mine shows seconds as well, which I find helpful for recipes that say to simmer and stir for 45 seconds.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Check out or (select atomic clocks) for a big selection. QVC has a nice black and white one for a very reasonable $20. and search using the terms LaCrosse radio controlled.


Darlene Ryan said...

Including the clock in the old VCR there are eight clocks in my house. On any given day maybe three of them agree.

And my kitchen wall clock is making strange noises--a cross between a wheeze and a burp. It had an unfortunate encounter with the vacuum. If a clock is hanging more than six feet up on the wall and you are less than six feet tall it's a very bad idea to try to vacuum the clock face while the clock is still on the wall.

Krista said...

Did you send Santa in the direction of this blog? Sounds like you might need a radio-controlled clock. Especially now that the kitchen wall clock is trying to emulate the vacuum -- not very successfully.


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