Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Springtime in a Bottle

L.L. Bartlett, author of the Jeff Resnick Mysteries, is guest blogging today. Of her latest book, Dead In Red, Booklist said: “Bartlett’s hero is complicated and mesmerizing, making for a gripping and energizing mystery.” For more information, check out her website and

The holidays always have me pondering what to get someone close to me--even if they live far away. Do I just rush to the mall to buy ANYTHING, stuff it in a box, and run to the UPS Store?

Not me. I try hard to find a gift that will fit the person. And one person on my Christmas List is getting the gift of springtime.

What? In late December? Yes. My sister-in-law hasn’t lived in Western New York for many years, and besides Weber’s horseradish mustard, the thing she misses most is the scent of lilacs in the spring. It just so happens, that here in my hometown of Rochester, Highland Park is full of lilacs. In fact, we’re well known for our annual Lilac Festival held in early May.

So this year I’m getting my sister-in-law Highland Lilac perfume. The scent is marvelous. Alas, it’s only available online and at local Bank of America locations. (In fact, the bank keeps the perfume locked in their vaults!) I have a feeling this might just be her favorite gift this year. (Unless her hubby gives her diamonds, of course.)

And by the way, she’s getting the mustard, too.


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