Friday, January 30, 2009

Dog Cookies

Let's face it, dogs love cookies. But have you ever read the ingredients? They can be downright scary. Blue Dog Bakery solves the problem by baking dog cookies with pronounceable, understandable ingredients like molasses, oats, and wheat flour. They come in different sizes to accommodate all kinds of dogs, but my big dogs insist they like the little Doggie Paws just as much as the big cookies. And just in case your doggy gets a few too many treats, Blue Dog Bakery's cookies are low fat. Many of their cookies are peanut butter flavored, but happily, they do not contain the tainted peanut butter that is currently being pulled from stores. Check their website at for more information, including the source of the peanut butter flavoring used in their cookies.

Five cupcakes from Buttercup!


Darlene Ryan said...

I don't have a dog but I do like to get treats for my friend's golden lab. Have you ever tried making doggie treats?

Krista said...

I have! I probably ought to bake for them more often. Thank goodness there are all natural dog cookies available.

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