Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forever Flashlight

I received a Forever Flashlight as a gift a few years ago. The concept is actually pretty good. It works on electromagnetic energy, eliminating the need for batteries. You shake it to get the energy going, so it's ready to use in a matter of seconds, and there's never that awful moment of realizing the batteries are dead.

Mine was put to the test a few years ago when my neighbor and I searched for something in the dark. I shook, and shook, and shook my flashlight, but her plastic, less-than-$5.00 battery-operated cheapie outshone my Forever Flashlight no matter how hard or long I shook it. Hers cast a strong beam, but my flashlight wasn't up to the job. Now, I have to say that they have new and improved versions for sale -- I can only hope that they're significantly better. Try before you buy to be sure you'll be happy with it.

One cupcake for a good idea.


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