Monday, January 26, 2009

Natural Cat Treats

It's been fun blogging about money-saving ideas but I'm now shifting back to blogging about products. Thanks to everyone who contributed a money saving tip!

Like a lot of cats, my cat can be a picky eater. Couple that with a desire to buy treats made in the US, and it can be hard to find a treat that satisfies us both. Beefeaters makes Freeze Dried Salmon Cat Treats that my cat can't resist. It contains 100% fish fillets. No additives, no carbs, no colors, just plain freeze dried salmon. It smells like fish (it must -- Mochie tries to open it himself), but it needs no refrigeration. It comes in little chunks and flakes. At first I thought the flakes might be a waste, but Mochie loves a little sprinkle of them on his food. It might be a good way to get an otherwise finicky cat to eat his food.

It's not cheap, but a little goes a very long way. Available at PetSmart.

Five cupcakes from Mochie.


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