Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Swap Seeds

Since we're on the subject of gardening, I thought I'd post a few more suggestions for saving money.

1. Plan a seed swap with your gardening friends. Seed packages often contain more seeds than one person with a small garden can use. Take what you need and swap the rest with a friend. Many of us collect seeds from our gardens. If you have too many, share the rest with your pals.

2. Divide your plants. Every spring my mother's bleeding hearts are huge. I divide them and plant them around my garden. Hostas are super candidates for dividing, too.

3. I've read that the cardboard tubes inside paper towels and toilet paper rolls are the perfect diameter for seed pots. Cut them to size, place them on a tray and fill with soil, plant your seeds, and then transfer to the garden without the expense of peat pots. I'll be trying that trick this year. Begin saving your cardboard rolls now.

4. Start annuals from seeds. If you have room in your house, bring in pots and window boxes and sow seeds directly in them. Rosemary mentioned this yesterday. I've done this in the past with window boxes and gotten super results.

5. Don't be overly ambitious with your vegetable garden. Make it too big and it won't be fun. We all know home grown tomatoes beat store bought ones, so be sure to include some tomato plants. Other easy-to-grow vegetables are zucchini, yellow squash, patty pan squash, cucumbers and green beans. Red and yellow peppers can pose some problems, but at $2 to $3 per pepper in the grocery store, they're worth planting!


Lorna Barrett said...

I've been battling bunnies for years. They'd eat my green beans just when they'd start to grow. Last year, I grew them in pots. I had a good crop (from seeds I'd saved from the year before). I'm doing it again this year, but using bigger, HEAVIER pots. Come the end of the season the wind would knock over my pots.

I love growing veggies. I wish I had a bigger yard. I'm counting the days until the Farmers Market opens again.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to grow annuals from seed! But I can't figure out how to have plants in the house without cats playing in the dirt and getting it all over the floor. And the furniture. And the bed. And the (wince) kitchen counters.

Janet K.

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