Monday, February 23, 2009

Breakfast on the Go

Daryl Wood Gerber is an aspiring novelist. She has won awards for her screenplays and was one of the creators of the popular sit-com, "Out of this World." Visit Daryl at to learn more about her.

For those of you who need to eat breakfast--I know I do or I don’t feel well all day--but you don’t have time for it because you’re in a rush, and you really don’t like a protein drink, here’s a quick, yummy way to get going. A breakfast sandwich that is gourmet delicious.

Daryl’s Tomme

Take two pieces of bread or ciabatta.

Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Layer with:

Two to four slices of prosciutto, ham, or spicy salami.

One hard-boiled egg sliced thin.

One slice of Tomme Crayeuse or any Tomme Savoie.

Slide the sandwich into the microwave for ten seconds just to give the cheese a chance to melt and voilá. A sandwich to go. Wrap in foil if you want to let the cheese melt that much longer and eat on your way to work!

By the way, Tomme Crayeuse is a cheese from the Savoie regions along the Swiss-Italian Alps. It is a mild cheese that pairs well with picnic fare. “Tomme” simply means piece, but in this case means wheel. The rind of Tomme Crayeuse is grayish brown with yellow moldy patches. Make sure you don’t get a cheese that is over-aged, which would show cracks in the rind, indicating dryness. The taste has hints of citrus and the earth. It’s fabulous.

And if this becomes dinner or lunch instead of breakfast, consider pairing it with a glass of a light red wine, like a pinot noir.



foodbin said...

my favorite too

Mycookingtime said...

Yummy, yummy I love prosciutto!

Thank you!

Daryl said...

Glad you like it.

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