Friday, February 20, 2009


I know what you're thinking. One more piece of junk that you're sick of seeing advertised on TV. Wrong. This is a cheap little product that actually works.

It sells for $9.99 almost everywhere these days -- Bed, Bath & Beyond and WalMart, for instance. But this little gem really does transform feet.

It's a simple concept. It looks like an egg, but the top comes off to reveal a little grater. You rub the grater on the rough parts of your foot, and it shaves the dead skin off. It doesn't hurt at all, and when you're done, your feet feel completely smooth. Just be careful not to grate too far down. Take it from someone who has tried special creams, lotions, pumice stones, and files -- this little PedEgg is the only thing I've ever found that actually conquers the worst rough feet imaginable.

Five cupcakes!


joker said...

I am a guy and I have I PedEgg. I think it's really neat and it works well on my feet.

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