Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dog Candy

I'm always on the lookout for dog treats that aren't made in China. Wish they had to tell us if any of the ingredients came from China.

Fortunately, VitaLife dog treats are clearly labeled and my dogs can't get enough of their Turkey Medallions. Yes, that's one of them sticking her nose in the picture to sneak a treat.

The turkey Medallions have simple ingredients: turkey, natural evaporated cane juice , and salt. Basically turkey jerky. I cut them in half, because they require a good deal of chewing and my dogs have been known to snarf their food.

Even better, the website says "made with high quality, product of U.S.A. turkey." Okay, so it's dog candy. But they can't eat chocolate, and they deserve a little candy, right? But be careful which VitaLife product you choose. Some are made in China.

Five cupcakes from the resident canines.


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