Friday, March 27, 2009

Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Chocolates

Remember Equal Exchange, the company that is into fair trade and supports small local cooperatives of farmers around the world? I promised to check out their chocolate. The sacrifices I make for this blog...

I found quite a selection of their chocolate at a local store today. There were at least four or five variations on dark chocolate. I opted for a plain dark chocolate (the mini ones in the picture) and for milk chocolate with a hint of hazelnut.

The dark chocolate was simply excellent. A nice clear flavor, without being overpowering or bitter. Definitely one of the better dark chocolates I've ever eaten.

The milk chocolate surprised me. While it wasn't soft, it had a creamy texture that reminded me of a German chocolate that I like very much. The hazelnut flavor is mild. Altogether a delicious chocolate. Turns out the chocolates are "produced in Switzerland for Equal Exchange." I'm not surprised -- they taste like Swiss chocolates.

Five yummy cupcakes!


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