Friday, March 20, 2009

For Ladies Only

I usually blog about foods and household items, but once in a while, I like to sneak in something that we've seen advertised over and over. Today's selection is Strap Perfect.

Just between us girls, I'll admit that I must be the kiss of death to racer-back bras. As soon as I find one I like, they discontinue it. So, I was interested in this little gadget that is supposed to keep bra straps from slipping.

The first thing that struck me on opening the box is how huge the packaging is in comparison to the contents. That doesn't impact the usefulness, of course, but honestly, the entire contents would have fit in a thin envelope. Inside are six of the funny little plastic gadgets that hold the bra straps, and a tiny package of Invisible Style Tape.

Slipping the Strap Perfect onto bra straps isn't as hard as I imagined it might be. It's done directly behind the neck. If you have limited mobility when reaching both hands behind your neck simultaneously, then that's something to consider. The Strap Perfect can be adjusted downward. It's actually quite easy to reach up behind your back, hook a finger in it and pull it down. But I did notice that it pulls the straps close to the neck, so there may be some tops, boatnecks, for instance, where it won't be practical because the straps will show.

I admit that I was hesitant about wearing a piece of plastic on my back all day long. For the most part, I honestly didn't even notice the plastic. I did find, however that my bra tended to ooch up in the back. I wore a Strap Perfect for about ten hours. I worked, I walked, I cooked. By the end of ten hours, though, I was mighty glad to get rid of it. Like most things, I imagine one would get used to it. I have to admit that it does accomplish its purpose -- there's no way bra straps will fall with a Strap Perfect on. Will I wear it again? Probably. Beats having bra straps fall over and over. On the other hand, I wish clothing manufacturers would catch on and make a better bra, so things like Strap Perfect wouldn't be necessary.

Three and a half cupcakes. It works, but I'm not sure I want to wear a big piece of plastic on my back every day.


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