Thursday, March 12, 2009

Memory Helper

I am no longer the multi-tasker I once was. Someone tested multi-taskers and found they didn't accomplish more than people who tackle things sequentially, so maybe it's not a big loss. When I'm writing, I tend to "get in the zone" and I'm going to claim that's the reason for my forgetfulness. But the fact remains that I tend to focus these days and that means I lose track of things I'm supposed to remember -- like medications and shots that need to be given on a schedule.

So I went in search of a watch with a timer on it. But I found this instead, which serves my purposes very well and for a lot less than a watch with a timer. About four inches by three inches, this nifty gadget works like an oven timer. I don't have to work backwards or figure out what time it will be when seven hours and twenty-three minutes have passed. I just press the buttons for seven hours and twenty-three minutes, hit start and it goes off to remind me when it's time. It comes with magnets on the back, so it can be tucked safely out of the way on a refrigerator or a filing cabinet, and it counts up to twenty-four hours, which makes it more useful than an average one hour kitchen timer. No more missing doses because I'm thinking about something else. It runs on one AAA battery and costs $9.99 at WalMart. Look for it in the kitchen section, with the other timers.

Five cupcakes! Inexpensive and does the job.


Ivy Bend said...

No cupcakes?

Krista said...

Oops! You see, I *need* a memory helper. Now corrected. Thanks, Ivy!

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