Monday, March 2, 2009

Shh, Not in Polite Company

In the last couple of months, two women have stopped me in a store as I whipped through the paper goods aisle and tossed a package of toilet paper into my cart. Both of them were of a age that suggested this wasn't their first trip to buy toilet paper. One literally grabbed my cart and said, "Wait, you did that so fast. I want to see which brand you bought." Then she told me she'd been standing there studying them and was just clueless.

Now, toilet paper is a very personal choice and it surprised me a little bit that I wound up talking to perfect strangers about my pick. But then I remembered that we went through a phase of trying different brands. They're always changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. If you read this blog with any regularity, you know I love dogs. So it was hard for me to overcome the assumption that it wasn't the package with the cute puppy that I wanted. But was it the angel or the bear? Frankly, I hope to never meet a bear face to face outside of a zoo, but that's how I remember which package I need. It's the bear. Knowing that speeds up my shopping trips. I don't have any brilliant suggestions (and am open to them if you have any) on whether to buy regular, large, super rolls, double rolls, or giganda rolls. Check the per unit pricing to make that decision. Beyond knowing that it's the bear, there is one more decision-- soft or strong? In our household, we prefer strong. Still soft, but thicker. There you have it -- I buy the strong bear.

One more thing. Don't assume that your big box store has the best prices. Kroger has had paper goods on sale for quite a while now at better prices than my local box store.


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