Friday, March 6, 2009

Storing Strawberries

Strawberries mean that summer can't be too far away. I indulged for the first time this week and they were already sweet and delicious. But they just don't last long. How many times have you wanted to have fresh strawberries for a special weekend meal, but you knew they would be withered by then? Here's the secret to storing strawberries. It takes a few extra steps (but they're really easy) and, best of all, it works. Need proof? I bought these strawberries last Thursday -- a week ago.

All you need are an ordinary plastic food container and paper towels. A deep rectangular container works best, but I've used all kinds. The only difference is how many strawberries will fit inside.

Line the plastic container with a paper towel. *DO NOT WASH THE STRAWBERRIES!* Place the strawberries in the container in a single row so that they don't touch. Fold the paper towel over the first row and make another row. Cover those strawberries with another paper towel and
add another row. Continue until the container is full.

It's really a matter of creative folding so you don't use a ton of paper towels. Put the top on the container, stash in the refrigerator, and they'll last for days.

The trick here is to be sure the strawberries don't touch each other, and that there's a paper towel in between them. You can stack row upon row, just be sure there's a paper towel separating them.

And that's it. Couldn't be easier.


Kenna Coltman said...

Krista - you're making my mouth water! I can't wait for strawberry season. We own a garden market specializing in local products, and local strawberry season (starts around the end of May, beginning of June here in NE Ohio) is my favorite time of year!

Thanks for the tip - we'll share it with our customers!

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