Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When the Barking Won't Stop

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I'm a quiet writer. I don't like music of any kind playing, no ambient fountain noises for me. After I get going, a train could roll through the house and I wouldn't notice, but, to get into it, I need blessed silence.

Not barking dogs.

I've always been able to train our own dogs not to bark excessively, but that has never been a priority for our neighbors. When buying a new house I would even cruise the streets at odd hours to see if there were any neighborhood barking dogs. When there weren't, and we bought the house, they usually moved in soon.

But now--no worries! I have the Super Bark Free! I found it paging through the Sky Mall catalog on a flight last year. It's not cheap, and there was no guarantee it would work, but I had become desperate. The adorable little rat terrier who lives behind us (what were they THINKING when they bred those?) is a nervous, tenacious little fellow. When he gets going, he doesn't like to quit. Sometimes for two or three hours. He's very determined. But so am I.

I ordered the contraption, installed the batteries, and tested it in the house. This is NOT suggested. Don't do it. To test, you set it so it sends out an audible signal, but it hurts like the dickens, and may damage your speakers.

I soon had an opportunity. A squirrel or somesuch had dared to enter little rat's yard and he started to express himself. I ran to put the machine in the back yard (the range is 50 feet), set it, aimed it at him, and turned it on. Yip yip yip yip. Silence. Yip yip. Silence. Yip. Then silence for hours!

Meanwhile, he had set off the pit bull next door. His bark is not so annoying, but he can go on, too. So I aimed it over there. He ran around to the other side of his house.

As soon as all was quiet, I turned it off. After all, I do want to know when the burglars are coming. I probably used it three times on the little dog and he doesn't bark much these days. I probably don't even need it anymore until a neighbor gets a new dog and fails to train it, or until we move and I start over. It really is a good training device.

I LOVE this product!!


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