Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Class Act -- Newman's Own

Recently, I blogged about the price and size of Newman's Own Organic Olive Oil. It's a regular item on my shopping list, and suddenly, the bottle shrank and the price went up by a dollar.

Well! Much to my surprise, Newman's Own contacted me in regard to that post. Turns out the bottle didn't shrink. They sell their olive oil in two bottle sizes. But they were concerned about the fact that the small bottle appeared to be priced higher than it should be.

Thinking I had erred, I immediately deleted the blog, and I returned to the store to find out how I could have been so wrong. I found the large bottle for $10.69 in a fancy olive oils section of the store -- the price I have paid for well over a year. So, no shrinking bottle, no rise in cost. You can imagine that I was banging my head as I shopped. How could I have been so wrong?

Until I got to the organic aisle. And there the small bottle was indeed priced at $11.79, more than a dollar over the price of the large bottle. I brought this discrepancy to the attention of store managers, who found it curious, and wondered if it could be the result of using two distributors for the same product. Frankly, I was just glad I wasn't totally wrong. I would never want to mislead anyone.

But the most amazing thing to me is that Newman's Own is so conscientious that they wanted to know which store was over-charging for their product. In this day of high prices that soar ever upward, of corporations so large that they do anything for an extra buck, I find it amazing that Newman's Own followed up on one little blog in the noise of the blogosphere, to correct a price that was too high. They're currently following up with the store in question, and I'm so impressed that I like them even more. I already knew that Newman's Own turns out consistent products of the highest quality and excellent flavors, but their interest in correcting a price also demonstrates a concern for detail, their reputation, and the consumer. I call that a class act.

Five cupcakes for Newman's Own!


Marlyn said...

I'm very impressed!

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