Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coolaroo Dog Beds

My dogs adore these Coolaroo dog beds. They're slightly elevated and have an amazing fabric top that stretches tight and acts sort of like a dog hammock. The fabric is synthetic but it breathes. It's woven so that rain goes right through it. Which means you can hose it off if it should happen to get dirty. Air can circulate underneath the bed, too, keeping your dog cooler in the summer. There's no place for fleas or bugs to nest. The beds stay remarkably clean, even when exposed to the elements.

They come in three sizes. Queenie is modeling the large size here. The small size is right for a Jack Russell Terrier.

A word of warning, though. The fabric has to be stretched very tight -- it takes two people to assemble a bed, and the act of assembly may lead to marital discord.

They're available through Improvements at and at Or search Coolaroo dog beds on Google.

I have to say that I have owned many of these and I think they're great. However, they do eventually rust. The frame has been improved and seems sturdier than it was a few years ago. The product comes with a guarantee, but it does not cover fabric damaged by dogs digging, clawing, or chewing on it. If you have a dog prone to digging on a bed, this may not be the best choice for you because dogs can claw holes in the fabric.

Four cupcakes.


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