Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drinking Green

One of my friends is in the habit of refilling water bottles and sticking them in the freezer so the water stays cold longer on road trips. Another friend bought an enormous plastic thermos, but it scares me each time I see her fill it with boiling water.

Kaye George blogged a while back about the dangers of plastic water bottles. And Lorraine Bartlett chimed in to say "Singer Sheryl Crow blames her breast cancer on bottled water. She'd leave the bottles in her car on hot days and the chemicals in the bottles leached into the water. She now uses tap water and stores it in an aluminum bottle that she can clean and use over and over again."

The problem is a chemical called bisphenol A that leaches into the liquid from certain types of plastic. So I was quite pleased to find Green Bottles at my health food store. They are lined with food grade stainless steel and come with two caps made of a "safe" plastic. They are not thermoses, so not intended for hot liquids, but they're the perfect replacement for water bottles. I took acai juice with me today and was thrilled with the sippy top. Especially since my old bottle, which cost more, used to leak on me, making me look like I had drooled.

For more information, check them out at My friends will be getting them as gifts. After all, $13.49 isn't a big price to pay for good health.

Five cupcakes to Green Bottles.


Kaye George said...

Along the same lines, well, on the subject of water anyway, in the Ask Marilyn column, not too long ago, she cautioned against drinking water from the hot water tap. Something leaches into the water from the pipes when the hot water runs through it. She said to let the cold water run for a full minute before drinking it. This seems to waste too much water to me, but I do let it run a bit.

Thanks for the tip on the water bottle. Mine, too, dribbles out a little hole if I don't hold it just right.

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