Friday, April 10, 2009

Foam-Backed Rugs

You've seen these rugs in stores and magazines. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors -- there's one for every imaginable decor. The top is colorful and the back is polyurethane foam, which makes them very easy on the feet. Just the thing for that spot at the sink or stove where you spend so much time. I've used them as doormats.

But not anymore. The first one was a gift. Very cute. I was so sorry to see it go that when it looked shabby, I shifted it to duty in the laundry room. Enter the next one. Several of these foam-backed rugs down the road, I have finally come to the conclusion that I would rather have a rug I can throw in the washing machine.

The foam-backed rugs aren't terribly expensive, but then, neither are washable rugs. Ironically, the tag on the foam-backed rug says "easy-care". That's true ... but they can't be washed. Vacuuming helps a bit, of course, but most of the fur and little bits of dirt still cling to the rug. I have rubbed them with damp sponges, again -- a little improvement, but dirt just sticks to the rug. And before long, the edges begin to fray a bit and, well, my laundry room is already full of other things I don't have the heart to unload.

One cupcake. They feel good under the feet, but they don't hold up well and can't be cleaned.


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