Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mangoes Are Here!

Mangoes are coming into season. If you're not familiar with these delicious fruits, you're missing a real treat. Look for mangoes that are slightly soft to the touch but never mushy. I like to find a little yellow or red on them. If they're not quite ripe yet, that's okay, leave them on the kitchen counter and they'll ripen.

Sweet and juicy, mangoes are fantastic in fruit salads. They go particularly well with cantelope and kiwi. I even like them in green salads for a little spark of sweetness. I hear the complaints already -- they're such a mess to cut. Oh, really?

Slice the mango as close to the big seed in the middle as possible.

Hold the part without the seed in your palm and cut a crosshatch. Make it any size you like, but don't cut through the peel.

Press gently on the peel side to flip it inside out, so it's convex.

Slice off perfect little squares. Sounds like a lot of steps but it's easy.

Mangoes, definitely worth five cupcakes!


sree said...

mmmm...Mangoes ...I just looove them. But after getting used to Indian mangoes I don't feel like eating the ones we get here. I peel the skin off first and then cut mango into pieces.. :)

sree said...

I always used to wonder why they are showing That way( like in pic -4)in ads I got it :)

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