Monday, April 13, 2009

Natural and Organic -- Shoe Soles No More

I was grocery shopping the other day when a man and a woman stopped their cart and I overhead her say, "Oh, natural foods. We don't need to go down that aisle." I could hear the ick factor dripping from her tone of voice.

Now, it's true that some organic foods are more expensive. However, as someone who has been buying them for many years, I can tell you that the prices have evened out and many natural and organic products are in the same price ballpark as their not-so-organic counterparts. Newman's Own Organic Olive Oil is a great example of that, and Newman's Own Organic Tea is a bargain.

But I think some people are still under the mistaken impression that if it's natural or organic, it must taste like a shoe sole. I will admit that many years ago, I bought my fair share of early organic products where I suspected the box might taste better than the food. But not anymore. These all natural Back to Nature Classic Rounds prove that. I served them to guests recently and if I had insisted on a blind taste test, I think everyone would have had trouble distinguishing them from the crackers we all grew up with. In fact, there were so few left, I almost didn't have enough for a picture.

Like non-organic and non-natural products, some are better than others and some don't appeal. But you don't have to skip the organic and natural food aisles anymore. The shoe soles are long gone.

Five cupcakes for Back to Nature Crackers.


Darlene Ryan said...

I'm always looking for something for school snacks. These sound good. I'll put them to the munchkin test.

Krista said...

A teenager was among the guests enjoying them, so I think they'll pass the munchkin test. Let us know!

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