Monday, April 6, 2009

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

I happen to like squirrels. Even if they can be pests sometimes, they're very cute and so smart. I give them a lot of credit for hanging upside down by one paw and still managing to open a bird feeder. Such clever little beasties.

But they hoover bird seeds. And at the current price of sunflower seeds, well, one does wish there would be some left for the birds. Over the years I've tried assorted squirrel proof bird feeders. I'll be reporting on a few of them over the next weeks.

This feeder has proven to be a winner. Similar models are made by several companies, and as long as the outside cage is made of metal, I imagine they all work pretty much the same. They're not cheap. But it's important to have that metal exterior cage, because squirrels will gnaw through wood and plastic. With this model, they can't poke their little heads through the outer portion to reach the seeds in the center.

The biggest problem with this feeder is that it caters to small birds. Cardinals, for instance, are excluded. You might find one with larger openings, but if they are too large, they won't keep the squirrels out.

The metal cap lifts off, the seeds are poured inside and you're done. In spite of his size, I have a woodpecker who visits. He clings to the outside and sticks his head through to reach the seeds. Never mind that I have a woodpecker feeder hanging right next to it -- he prefers this feeder.

But the best thing is that it really does work. Squirrels soon realize that it's hopeless.

Five cupcakes.


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