Monday, May 18, 2009

Everything Old Is New Again

I've noticed recently that we're coming back to some things that used to be popular. Clothes, for instance. Though I, for one, can't wait until the horrible baby-doll clothes make way for something that doesn't cause everyone to look like a pregnant teenager.

On the plus side, though, I've rediscovered Perrier. Somehow, it got lost in the vast array of waters on the market. Fancy names, bubbles and no bubbles, flavors, sweeteners -- so many choices. But Perrier is still there, in a neat little four pack in the grocery store, just as good and refreshing as ever. And in these days when we're all re-thinking water that comes in plastic bottles, these sweet little bottles are made of glass! No kidding. I never thought I'd be thrilled to find water in a breakable bottle, but I am. No dreadful plastic chemicals to leach into the water.

A pack of four small bottles sells for just under $3.00, or if you're lucky, two packs for $5.00. In the water section of your grocery store.

Five cupcakes for good old Perrier in glass bottles.


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