Friday, May 15, 2009

Pass the Harvest Course Ground

I've been playing around with a recipe for The Diva Paints the Town Red (coming February 2010). It calls for mustard, but since there are strong competing flavors, it seemed a course mustard might have more punch. I found this new Grey Poupon today and it seemed to fit my needs.

Harvest Course Ground isn't an overpowering mustard. In fact, I'd say that it almost edges toward mild. It's quite pleasant and doesn't have a bite. The texture is perhaps the most fun thing about Harvest Course Ground. Sometimes a bite bursts a whole mustard seed, again, quite mild, but a fun spark of flavor.

I'm making submarine sandwiches for a picnic soon, and I have a feeling that Harvest Course Ground will be just the right mustard. Can't wait to try it with ham and melted cheese!

Five cupcakes.


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