Thursday, May 21, 2009

Solar String Lights

I love outdoor lights. Especially solar ones. In my dreams, we'll all be using solar lights to decorate for Christmas someday. Unfortunately, most solar strands of lights are fairly expensive. I've seen them in catalogs at Christmas for $70.00 a strand. Yikes!

So when I saw these cute stars at Target for $20.00, I couldn't resist trying them. They're called Solar String Lights. Each light is in the shape of a star. The strand is 12 feet long and holds 30 lights. There's another 8.5 feet of cord that goes to the solar panel.

I took the easy route and planted the solar panel in a flower pot. It worked almost immediately, even though it hadn't had enough sun to fully charge. It's supposed to hold a full charge for six hours.

And here's what they look like. Honestly, the star shape is totally lost, even to the naked eye. The photo isn't poor or blurry -- this is how they look. In the dark of night, they are kind of cute, but just because they're lights, not because they're stars. I have a feeling they might look better wrapped on something, like an arbor. If I get any creative ideas, I'll let you know.

They definitely don't have the brightness of electric lights. On the other hand, they're not running up the electric bill, either.

Three cupcakes.


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