Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spatula or Spoon?

It's a spoonula or a spoontula! Who knew they had a name? Whatever you want to call it, I've read about people searching for the perfect one. Seems the handles are too long, or too flimsy, or the head isn't firm enough.

Even though they really are just a slight variation on a spatula, I love these things. They're the perfect way to get every last bit of batter out of the mixing bowl. They fit into most cans, perfect for scraping the sides. Plus, they're curved just enough to hold a bit of sauce. I've had these two for years. They're top dishwasher rack safe, and even though they've been washed in the dishwasher too many times to count, they look almost new.

The handles are the right length. Made of a firm plastic, they hold up to pressure when scraping a bowl. And the spoon-like heads are my number one favorite for getting that last bit in a pan or bowl. Made of silicone, a set of two runs a mere $9.95 at Solutions.

Five cupcakes!


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