Monday, May 4, 2009

We Love Cupcakes

Apparently, the US is experiencing a cupcake revival. A cupcake craze, in fact. Cupcakeries are popping up all over the place and devotees in every town can tell you where the best cupcakes are.

I'm late posting this morning, because I just returned from Washington, DC. where I needed cupcakes. I researched before I left, and while there are some who would disagree (aren't there always?), the general consensus is that Georgetown Cupcakes bakes the best cupcakes in town. (I added the ribbons and bags in the photo.) I can't say that I tried their competitors' cupcakes, but Georgetown Cupcakes are very, very good. The cake part is nicely cakey, not too dry or too moist. And the icing on top is just enough to provide that delicious burst of sweetness without overwhelming the cake portion. They come in all sorts of interesting flavors, but the big tests are always white cake with white icing and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I suffered for the sake of this blog and tried both, and I can say they passed my taste test with flying colors.

If you find yourself in Georgetown in need of a sweet fix, walk down to Dean and Deluca. Standing in front of the store, cross the street and walk a little less than halfway up the block. Georgetown Cupcakes is on the right side. You'll recognize it by the line of people on the steps and out on the sidewalk. Don't be deterred, though -- it moves very fast. Their website also has one of the cutest graphics I've seen. Very clever.

Five cupcakes for Georgetown Cupcakes.


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